Our Story

Our Love Story

Gay Head is a coffee roasting company owned and operated by James & Jessica!

James & Jessica have been best friends for over a decade and more importantly they have been unequivocally in love and share a bond that is soulfully unbreakable. Their locally roasted coffee expresses a tribute to their ardent love for one another over the years, their engagement in the town of Gay Head, and their shared affection for ambrosial and savory coffee. James & Jessica believe that coffee brings communities together and promotes connection. Their personal and joint growth has led them to a stage in their lives where they yearn for contribution.

Coming from humble beginnings, James in his younger years began his journey into the world of coffee when he started working for a family-owned Italian Catering Company that provided quality serviced coffee for weddings. He later took his knowledge into the corporate world and became a trained barista for one of the largest coffee corporations on the globe! Jessica began her love affair with coffee in her younger years which magnified when she lived in South America, enjoying the farm fresh coffee in Peru. Her curiosities led to more travel around the world including Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii, and California with a mission to taste the best coffee in each new location. James and Jessica’s combined knowledge of aroma and flavor along with their creativity with small-batch quality roasting and brewing, made the couple a perfect formula to create a coffee business together.

James and Jessica evolved from roasting for themselves in a small coffee roaster…to roasting for all of their friends on the island…to investing in a 10 Kilo Coffee Roaster for the community to enjoy. Their roaster previously serviced a small coffee shop in New York City, and fell into their laps in a serendipitous nature. They relocated the roaster to the Vineyard and the journey began. They are undergoing a constant evolution of roasting various types of coffee beans from multiple parts of the world so that they can always bring the finest quality and diversity to the community.