In addition to contributing to the Martha’s Vineyard Community , we believe passionately in love & long talks over coffee.

About Gayhead Coffee

Gay Head Coffee is a coffee roasting company! We sell our beans in many locations around the island, and you can find our beans at the following locations… (Coming Soon)

Each Roast is engineered and perfected to directly impact the quality of the coffee

How Does it Work?

Our Mission:

Our mission is to give back to the community of Martha’s Vineyard with locally roasted coffee beans by engineering high quality, affordable, and sustainable coffee roasted to perfection.

Our Values:

We value a life where we can connect to the earth and create a sustainable homemade coffee product for our community. We value love, community, authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, integrity, friends, and family. We value wonderfully crated and quality roasted coffee beans with rich & bold flavors. We value nature and our coffee beans, when possible, are sourced ethically through fair trade and organic farmers from around the Globe. We believe in helping the planet and all of our coffee is contained in recyclable packaging. Gay Head Coffee was created for the community to enjoy fresh, quality, and locally roasted coffee infused with a love story.

Who we Serve: We serve all coffee lovers!

What we offer: We offer whole bean coffee which will be available in your local Vineyard supermarket! (coming 2021)